FES Marketing Fritidsrejser i Skandinavien
FES MarketingFritidsrejser i Skandinavien

What we can offer

Marketing, contracting, product development and representation for the travel, tourism and leisure sectors. FES marketing can grow your international sales and create new marketing opportunities for your business.


We can help you to attract new visitors, identify new markets, create opportunities, increase your market share and generate new revenues.


Our aim is to identify and develop opportunities. Through our associates around the world we can provide unique access to new markets, new contacts and new sales.


Our experience and influence in a number of originating markets will enable you to ‘hit the ground running’ – to deal with the right and relevant customers for your business immediately, saving you time and money.


Our understanding of different markets means we can tailor your business accordingly. A small investment in our services can lead to savings and increased revenues in the long run and can make a difference when your own time and resources are stretched.

Knowing your customers is key and getting more of them the challenge.


Today your customers are more discerning than ever and have more choices than ever before. We can help you identify the right channels for communication, the right promotional methods and deliver to them the right product (see above). 


We can obtain more sales through your existing channels or work with new markets altogether, if that's the right thing to do.

Our Services 


• Marketing strategy

• Sales representation and support


• Hotel contracting


• Product development

• Marketing campaigns

• Market insight & research

• Introductions to new business partners

• Branding for Western and Global Markets


• Project management

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