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Fairburn Edser Smith was orignally founded in 2005 by Andy Fairburn and Mark Edser, bringing together a complimentary mix of international sales & marketing skills with many years of project management and financial experience. The addition of 'Smith' introduced outsourced specialist skills and insight into many different markets, discipines and travel industry sectors.


Since our beginnings we have expanded our business into India and now have a permanent presence there. Today FESM operates a networked business, working with highly experienced associates around the world. Our colleagues and associates are experts in their own local region and are situated in London, Mumbai, Boston, Oslo, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Johannesburg, Sydney and Paris.


Our aim is to help tourism related businesses and organisations compete in an international environment.



Andy Fairburn

Andy Fairburn is a graduate in International Economics with twenty years experience in sales, marketing and product development in many countries around the world.


Working across Europe, Scandinavia, North America, Africa and India, Andy is highly experienced in cross-cultural sales, marketing and tourism.

Andy has held senior Sales & Marketing positions for a number of multinational companies.


Andy is based in London

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Call  +44 0 79 67 72 66 06 +44 0 79 67 72 66 06 or email andy@fesmarketing.co.uk or use our contact form.


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